The Basics: How Executive Coaching Helps

coaching at a table

Being a senior leader is not easy. You have to balance the demands of your own role, the expectations of your peers and boss, and the needs of your team. You have to deal with complex and ambiguous situations, make strategic decisions, and communicate effectively with different stakeholders. You have to inspire, motivate, and influence […]

Calling all #SmallBusinessOwners

getting advice

It’s not easy running a business and especially in current times!  The pandemic has brought difficult trading conditions to many and increased pressure on business leaders to make good decisions.  We’ve been thinking about this over the past few weeks and considering how we can help.  Here are the first two things we’re offering… Professional […]

IT Leadership in the Modern Age

simplifying technology

IT teams have a long tradition of being geeky and unapproachable – well depicted by the TV show “The IT Crowd“!  And even though thousands of IT professionals have been trying to shake off the image since the first IBM PC in 1981, there’s no doubt in my mind that many still enjoy the ‘protection’ […]