Business Continuity Planning

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If business has learnt one thing from the pandemic, it’s that every business is prone to disruption.  We’re also having to adapt to a new normal!  Carrying-out Business Continuity Planning can help to minimise disruption and keep your operations running more smoothly.  Good Business Continuity Planning (BCP) doesn’t eliminate all potential impact of a major […]

Embrace Technology for Good

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If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us all, it must be that technology is more important to us than we thought.  Ok, there’s no question we already valued our mobile phones, but did we ever think they would be our only way to communicate with friends and family?  Did school children envisage attending […]

The Long And Winding Road To Digitising Your SME

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Everyone has a view of technology, regardless of their depth of understanding. Most companies have a set of employees that span the full spectrum, from technophobe to technophile. The benefits that technology can bring to a business is rarely understood or quantified. And so it’s no surprise that this combination causes delays and disruption that […]